recent news

The Silver Fox is expanding to Fayetteville, NY! We are excited to announce that we’ll soon be expanding into eastern Onondaga County, opening "Silver Fox East" inside the Good Shepherd Church on Route 92 in Fayetteville.

We look forward to greeting new members to the new Club. For information, please call us at 315-635-5335.

religious services

Come join us on Fridays at 11:15am with a lay minister to worship in prayer. This non-denominational service allows members to join together to reflect on psalms, prayers and readings from the Bible.

new membership options

  • Transportation Coordination

  • Hands-on Transfer with minimal assistance

  • Personal Care

  • Medication Supervision and Coordination

  • On-Site Physical Therapy

  • Nutritional Support

  • Socialization

  • Recreation Activities

  • Case Management Services

  • Community Support Access

  • Diet Modification

The Silver Fox Senior Social Club is Central New York's most exclusive senior day program. If you are a caregiver or a senior, find out more about us and see just what the Silver Fox has to offer! We are currently accepting new members! We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am-6:00pm and located in the Village of Baldwinsville at 22 East Genesee Street. Silver Fox is next to the Baldwinsville Post Office and behind the Colonial Laundry Mat. Come spend the day with us and see what we are all about!

come see us!

activity calendar

Daily Activities
7:30m-9:30am Breakfast
12:30pm-1:30pm Dinner
3:00pm Snack
6:00pm Deli Style Box Supper

8:00 News & Brews-Coffee & Tea
9:45 Local News
11:00 Price is Right
1:30 Library Outing
2:30 Moves & Stretches
3:15 Movie & Munchies
5:00 Nightly News

8:00 News & Brews-Coffee & Tea
9:45 CNN News Review
11:00 Walk & Talk
1:30 Crossword Puzzle/Jeopardy
2:30 Red Hat Society Meeting
3:30 Floats/Name That Tune!
5:00 Poems and Stories

8:00 News & Brews-Coffee & Tea
9:45 News Bulletin
11:00 Morning Walk
1:30 Remember When...
2:30 Dance Exercise Club
3:30 Billiards Tourn/Fireside Chats
5:00 Card Games

8:00 News & Brews-Coffee & Tea
9:45 What's Going On In Our World
11:00 Jigsaw Puzzle/Coffee Clutch
1:30 Pet Therapy/ Rummy Cube
2:15 Stretches & Weights
3:00 Price is Right Live!
4:30 Nightly News

8:00 News & Brews-Coffee & Tea
9:45 Daily News & Events
11:00 Prayer Service
1:30 Balloon Volleyball
2:30 Billiards Tourn/Baking w/Jim
4:00 Oprah/ Remember When